3SC Values

Our values shape the culture and character of our organisation.  They affirm what sets 3SC apart from the competition, how we behave and what choices we make.

Excellence - We will be the very best.

We will set the industry benchmark for quality and performance and lead the field in managing the delivery of public service contracts.We will be industry leaders, delivering high impact services that set best practice. Our people, processes, and performance will be the best that the industry has to offer.

Passion – We will do all it takes to achieve success.

We are driven by our passion to deliver the best public service solutions. We will work with the most passionate individuals, leaders and organisations to achieve this. 3SC believes that civil society organisations are the future of public services because they put their customers at the heart of everything they do. We will do all we can to gain a market share for the sector which matches its passion for delivering public services.

Innovation – We will come up with the best ideas first.

We promote a culture that values and rewards innovation. We are committed to developing the best ideas and putting them into practice.  By building the capacity of the sector and of our own organisation to shape and design services, we will do today what will be considered best practice tomorrow. 

Integrity – We will earn your trust.

We are committed to delivering what we say we will in an honest, transparent and accountable way. We will uphold our values and earn the trust of our stakeholders. By building an ethical, equitable and sustainable platform for service delivery, we will promote the impeccable moral standards that are expected of us as stewards of public services.

Collaboration – It is the sum of our parts that makes us great.

We listen when frontline staff tell us what customers need, we listen when our delivery partners suggest innovative solutions and we listen to our strategic partners when we work to influence policy. We enable each of our partners to do what they do best, maximising efficiency, capability and flexibility. Collaboration gives the sector the means to deliver aggregated public sector contracts and enables us to create made-to-measure supply chains that truly meet the needs of communities.