Access to Work

3SC holds a prime contract for Access to Work in Wales, which we deliver through a supply chain of organisations providing needs assessment reports for disabled customers. Access to Work provides holistic assessments for customers with all kinds of disabilities to enable them to continue to contribute to the success of their organisations. We expect to assess around 1,200 customers per year.

3SC selected a supply chain of predominantly civil society organisations to deliver Access to Work and provided our own bespoke IT portal which does everything from assigning the assessor to confirming DWP approval on submission of assessor’s reports. The portal has reduced the administrative burden on our delivery providers by 50% and freed up resource to allow more time to be spent on holistic assessments. It is also accessible to every Jobcentre Plus advisor in the UK, allowing 3SC to scale up to a national service immediately if required.

Dennis Dearden, Director of Sales and Marketing at AbilityNet, one of the organisations working in collaboration with 3SC to deliver the programme, spoke recently about the difference the system has made, ‘using the portal that 3SC has built to enable the delivery of this programme has meant we at AbilityNet can work with a greater efficiency than ever before in delivering this kind of support. The fact that the system is bespoke and cloud-based means all the boxes are ticked around security measures, which for us is an immense advantage’, he said.

Despite the challenges of creating and introducing such an innovative approach, 3SC’s Access to Work programme in Wales was implemented on budget, fully compliant and commenced delivery on the date agreed with DWP – the only provider nationally to do so.

Please register with us if you have experience of providing needs assessment reports for disabled customers and have capacity to help us to deliver Access to Work in Wales.