Future Jobs Fund

Future Jobs Fund was created to deliver 150,000 jobs for 18-24 year olds and the long-term unemployed between October 2009 and March 2011. These groups face many challenges to entering the labour market and Future Jobs Fund provided an opportunity for them to gain work experience, develop their skills set and increase their confidence.

3SC were awarded contracts on each of the three procurement rounds totalling more than £36 million - the largest combined award of any provider. We went on to become the top performing provider, completing 100% of delivery on each round and delivering over 5,500 jobs through our supply chain of predominantly civil society organisations.

3SC has received extensive feedback from delivery providers and stakeholders on the quality and effectiveness of our partnership and 3SC’s ability to involve and support smaller organisations who would not otherwise have participated in delivering Future Jobs Fund. The results we achieved demonstrate how organisations can be brought together into an integrated, collaborative consortia, supported by 3SC, to create thousands of sustainable employment opportunities.

“We were delighted to have achieved this level of service performance over three separate contracts” said Interim Chief Executive, Martyn Oliver, “It is down to the hard work of the performance management team here, the dedication of staff at JobCentre Plus and the tremendous effort of organisations who have provided valuable experience for these young people, that these contracts have been so popular and therefore so successful in fulfillment.”

We would like to thank all of our delivery organisations, employers and participants who together enabled us to achieve such positive results through Future Jobs Fund.