Quality Management

3SC puts the Service user at the centre of everything it does within a culture of ‘getting it right first time’ and Customer service excellence.  Robust self-assessment and continuous quality improvement sit at the heart of business activities, alongside business planning, business development and budgeting.

As a responsive and flexible Business, 3SC ensures that the Excellence framework is based on a range of quality standards including HMI, DWP Self-Assessment tool (SAT) ISO9001 and Merlin.  All Quality standards it attains and works towards are of the highest regard within the third sector and across wider industries.  The standards we work to reflect our vision and values and those of our service users, stakeholders and commissioners

The Head of Risk and Quality supports colleagues to carry out regular assurance activity throughout the business to ensure that risks are identified, assessed, and where appropriate; mitigated.  Quality standards are being met, and effective continuous improvement is taking place.

This approach to risk and quality will ensure that 3SC is the industry leader and provider of choice for the third sector. We strive to deliver a consistent, high quality service and high levels of performance.  Our Quality matrix gives an overview of the assurance and improvement activity that takes place to support excellence throughout our provision.



  • To provide independent assurance reports to the executive team and to the board
  • To ensure Risks are captured, assessed and reviewed appropriately
  • To undertake Assurance visits
  • To undertake Service user impact reviews
  • To undertake thematic reviews
  • To ensure all provision is ‘Inspection ready’ by embedding quality practice as ‘business as usual’
  • To support and manage external accreditation processes


Continuous improvement

  • To embed a culture of compliance and continuous improvement using consistent monitoring and action planning tools
  • To gather, analyse and use stakeholder feedback to improve service delivery
  • To embed self-assessment activities
  • To embed a culture of continuous professional development to support the continuous quality improvement of service delivery


Review and performance

The 3SC quality strategy will be reviewed in line with any major developments within the organisation, such as contract rewards or major diversification of services.  Its success will be measured through external audit, inspection and accreditation; the award of new contracts: reduction in complaints, increased stakeholder satisfaction year on year and by demonstrating social impact.