Work Programme

The Work Programme is a flagship payment-for-results employability programme that commenced delivery in June 2011. This programme replaced many previous mainstream programmes including Flexible New Deal, Pathways to Work and New Deal and is central to the Coalition Government’s ambitious programme of welfare reform.

3SC and our supply chain consortia are delivering three Work Programme subcontracts in: London East, West Midlands and North East Yorkshire and Humber. We have built great relationships with prime contractors including Newcastle College Group and A4e and are managing our supply chains to deliver high-quality provision that is producing strong results. As a result of our effective implementation processes, delivery of high quality services through performance management and our ability to flex our supply chain when necessary, we have already increased customer flows by over 100% against our original contracts.

As with Future Jobs Fund, many of our partners would not be involved in the Work Programme without 3SC’s support. Through effective contract, performance, and quality management, we are enabling our partners to focus on delivering services to the communities they know best.

3SC’s supply chain providers are all high quality delivery organisations who are willing to adapt and innovate in response to the required ‘step change in performance’ expected by the Department for Work and Pensions. Over 3,000 referrals have already been distributed across our supply chain providers and we are working hard to provide meaningful skills training and employability interventions to each and every one of our customers. 


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