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3SC is a social enterprise that has proven success and expertise in building and managing supply chains of SMEs, primarily third sector organisations, across the UK to deliver quality public services. In November 2020, 3SC were assessed for the first time against the supply chain management standard, Merlin. The assessment outcome was ‘Excellent’ recognising the sustainable excellence of our structured approach to supply chain management and positive partnership working with our delivery partners.

3SC’s vision is of SMEs, particularly third sector organisations delivering an increasing share of public services and a greater amount of social impact. To realise the achievement of our vision, 3SC manages and wins contracts on behalf of SMEs, primarily voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations using a mutually beneficial collaborative and partnership-based business model. All have a vital role to play in the delivery of public services which can be a difficult and competitive marketplace, dominated by large commercial organisations. The size and complexity of the tendering process and increasingly demanding contracts can make it difficult for SMEs, particularly third sector organisations, to compete on their own. 3SC gives these organisations a chance to compete for, and ultimately deliver, such contracts.

The principal activity of 3SC is public service delivery but we also offer other services including a membership programme, all of which have a clear social impact.


Since 3SC’s inception 11 years ago we have supported and enabled the third sector to access more than £84 million.  In 2019-2020 alone we supported our supply chains to access in excess of £8.7 million.  We have also delivered 27 major contracts for a wide range of Central and Local Government commissioners, including Welsh Government, in the justice, young people, disabilities and employability arenas. We have worked with more than 2165 delivery partners in our supply chains and the impact of our work has been to:

  • Work with 55,633 people referred to a 3SC programme;
  • Support 13,455 people into work;
  • Support 4,125 people with a health condition or disability stay in work, supporting more than 500 people in 2019-2020;
  • Help 8,353 young people secure a better future.

We are a partner in Purple Futures with responsibility for managing the supply chains of delivery organisations that provide rehabilitative and probation services across the 5 Purple Futures Community Rehabilitation Companies to reduce re-offending. We have contracted over 90 delivery organisations since 2015 that have received over 30,000 referrals.

We believe that the needs of people using public services – especially those who are hardest to reach – are best met by experienced, local, passionate and mission-driven organisations.

This Infographic shows the impact 3SC has made over the past 11 years.

What we do
Our Values

Our values shape the culture and character of our organisation. They highlight what sets 3SC apart from our competitors, how we will behave and what choices we make.

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Equality and diversity

3SC is committed to providing equal opportunities in recruitment, selection, employment and in services relating to our stakeholders. 

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If you want to register to provide your services as part of our supply chains; need help securing access to finance for socially responsible projects; if you want to invest for a better society; or if you need expert consultants to assist you in any aspect of your business – please contact us.

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This privacy policy sets out how 3SC uses and protects any information that you give to us when you use this website.


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our board

As a social enterprise delivering government contracts through specialist supply chains, 3SC’s Board is made up of experts in its different markets. Given its UK-wide reach, and reputation for delivering excellent contract performance, the Board is committed to growing capacity to deliver even more social impact.

quality management and accreditation

3SC puts the service user at the centre of everything it does within a culture of ‘getting it right first time’ and customer service excellence. More information about quality management and accreditation.


If you want to join a growing social impact organisation, check our current vacancies.

3SC Policies

3SC’s Policies set out the approach and intentions of the organisation.


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109Contracts currently managed
10years in business

What we do


3SC and our partners deliver services tailored to those living with physical and mental health conditions and disabilities to ensure inclusivity, diversity and full participation in all aspects of society.
Read more about our work in the disability sector…


3SC and our partner organisations deliver targeted programmes to support individuals facing many different kinds of barriers to find employment.
Read more about our work in the employment sector…


3SC manages a supply chain of VCSE organisations that deliver services to reduce re-offending and enable and support offenders to integrate and contribute to society in a positive way.
Read more about our work in the justice sector…


Young people are tomorrow’s social seedlings. 3SC works with our delivery partners to ensure that young people have a better start in life, and access to opportunities to help them achieve a brighter future.
Read more about our work in the youth sector…

Partnerships with purpose

What people say about us


“3SC is robust and disciplined and leads the way. It has helped smaller providers to win contracts that they may well not have won.”

Rosie Goodwin: Merseyside Community Rehabilitation Company
john lynch, royal national college for the blind

“Our experience as one of 3SC’s Delivery Organisations meant we didn’t hesitate to choose them as our sub-contractors when we successfully bid for the DWP SES contract. They are responsive, customer-led partners.”

John Lynch: Royal National College for the Blind
Charlotte Slinger, Hampshire Cultural Trust

“Thanks to 3SC we are well supported to deliver a clear and realistic programme. Working with 3SC has really embedded good practice and robust systems. They have been very supportive and set out clear expectations during the due diligence, contract negotiations and on-going monitoring.”

Charlotte Slinger: Hampshire Cultural Trust

“3SC have been our contract managers for the past couple of years on behalf of Interserve. They have offered great advice in relation to quality assurance and suggested amendments to our systems and processes. Their advice has always been well-received, and we truly feel that 3SC report on our performance in a fair and constructive manner. In addition to this, they go above and beyond to ensure service providers are kept up to date with local and regional opportunities and they provide helpful updates regarding the sector that we work in”

Emily McCormick, Director of Service, Offploy CIC

“’The parameters laid out by 3SC help keep reporting regular and accurate, which helps me ensure KPIs are being met and the work we do is of a good standard. When requesting reports AS always ensures I fully understand the mechanics of the report and the reason it is requested. This has helped me to provide the right information, keeping the target audience in mind. AS also offers support with any barriers we have come across delivering the project, liaising with the CRC on our behalf where appropriate and helping suggest innovative ways of working. This has been particularly helpful during the last year, when his input has helped us navigate delivery during lockdown. His support has been invaluable, and I attribute a good part of the successful delivery of this project to his support and guidance.”

Sally Beaven, Regional Manager, User Voice

“3SC’s use of performance assessment tools, with specific deliverables, enables the project to measure outcome indicators efficiently to improve monitoring and performance. The scope and depth of the due diligence requirements support the project to ensure that policies and procedures are robust and reviewed regularly.”

Maggie Langhorn, Operations Manager, Salford Foundation

“3SC have been excellent partners. They have been supportive and prepared to fight our corner. They have helped us deliver good results.”

Jenny Jenkinson: Hull Community and Voluntary Services
Head office of Beacon Centre for the Blind

“Thanks to 3SC, we have been able to engage with clients we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to reach, and have helped them to develop and ultimately achieve their individual goals”

Rachel Shaw: Beacon Centre for the Blind
Dave Wylie, Bootstrap Enterprises

“Bootstrap Enterprises has been helping people into work for the past 30 years, and has worked as a subcontracted partner of 3SC for the past year. It’s a partnership we greatly value. The approach of 3SC as a prime contractor is supportive, very well organised and responsive when necessary. We are grateful to 3SC who are supportive of our insight and actions when working with customers. 3SC are a good partner to work with and we hope our relationship with them continues.”

Dave Wylie: Bootstrap Enterprises

“’If anyone asked me to recommend a subcontractor I would not hesitate to recommend 3SC. HFC have benefited greatly from the high standard of work provided on our behalf. They have great quality assurance in place to make sure the high standard provided is always met. We always received regular updates and have monthly meeting to make sure process and delivery is the best possible for our clients.”

Chris Kew, Training Manager, Hands Free Computing

“The added value that 3SC bring to managing the GM WSA is invaluable from a CRC perspective in being able to drive referrals and quality, of both CRC staff but also partnership staff working under the Alliance. The CPA and QDD processes identify both strengths and weaknesses in service delivery, offering the opportunity for positive feedback to be shared whilst also immediately identifying any areas of development; allowing swift remedial action to be taken via a partnership approach. The CPA process also supports to enhance multi-agency working and a combined solution focused approach by bringing 3SC, CRC and GM WSA together regularly. 3SC’s attendance at and contribution to CGM’s Female Offender PDG also helps drive performance, quality partnership working and service delivery locally. “

Ceri Schofield, Community Director, Cheshire and Greater Manchester CRC – Women’s Lead

“3SC are great to work with, their communication is effective and any query is resolved quickly.”

Sarah Bridgeman, NDSC Coach, SB Training
Robert Glenn, Groundwork

“I have no hesitation in recommending 3SC as a prime contractor. We have greatly benefited from their quality assurance processes, their online customer management system, and supportive monthly performance reviews.”

Robert Glenn: Groundwork
Chris Murray, The Write Time

“3SC supported us by offering us our first contract called Intergr8, which involved working with young people on the brink of permanent exclusion from their school. Throughout the contract we have been supported by 3SC, and given clear guidance about successfully delivering the contract.”

Chris Murray: The Write Time

“The support we have received from SH has been both professional and invaluable. He carries out regular audits of our policies and procedures from which he has provided positive and constructive feedback. He identifies areas that require improvement or amendment and fully supports us in achieving the changes required. This has enabled us to increase performance to ensure we can provide the best service and support to our service users.”

Dawn Giamas MBE, Manager, Women of Worth

“Catch22 and 3SC have worked collaboratively to deliver high performing Through the Gate activities since 2015. Our partnership has been based on mutual respect and an ambition to deliver quality services. Utilising the collective experiences of our organisations, we worked together to create positive outcomes for the those we support. “

Neil Baker, Assistant Director, Catch22 (Through the Gate Services)

“Both the 3SC Contract Performance Assessment and Quality Deep Dive processes that are used to monitor and review the Greater Manchester Women’s Support Alliance ensure that money is being spent in the areas agreed and the service is meeting the standards expected. These processes are equally good at highlighting areas of good practice so these can be recognised and shared with other partners, as it is identifying areas of concern. Where there are areas of concern the process allows for timely intervention, the development of mitigation plans and can assist providers in finding solutions.”

Martin Nugent, Criminal Justice & Partnerships, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Our Programmes

Neuro Diverse Strategy Coaching

Neuro-Diverse Strategy Coaching (NDSC) delivers high quality coping strategy coaching, training and mentoring to adults with Neuro-Diverse conditions and other disabilities/long term health conditions at work. The service is person-centred delivering strategy coaching support tailored to the individual customer’s work-related needs. Typically, the support is delivered through a programme of two hour sessions although the service is flexible enough to accommodate multiple different models and lengths of delivery.

Find out more here

Parental Employment

The Parental Employment Programme is funded by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and from European Social Funds. This programme enables 3SC to work with parents of children aged between 6 months and 11 years in South and West London to support them with finding and sustaining employment. Support is also provided to parents who are low paid workers and to help them progress in work through promotion, taking on more hours or finding better paid employment. Employers wishing to become more family friendly will also be able to access the service to obtain advice, tools and practical skills. The programme started in November 2020 and will continue through to June 2023.

Find out more here

Work Based Assessments

Tailored health based support to help your team achieve their potential.

Learn more about
Work Based Assessments


Flexible consultancy support tailored to the needs of your social business.

Learn more about
3SC Consultancy

Bespoke Web Portals

3SC develops cost effective web portals that reduce the manpower required to deliver your contracts.

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Bespoke Web Portals

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Our board

John SwinneyChair of the Board
short profile of simon charlick, executive director business services, national housing federation
Non-Executive Director
Simon CharlickNon-Executive Director
short profile of joanne cholerton, 3SC chief executive
Chief Executive
Joanne Cholerton3SC Chief Executive
short profile of brendan connoly, 3SC finance director
Finance Director
Brendan Connolly3SC Finance Director
short profile of mushtaq khan, commercial director, new charter
Non-Executive Director
Mushtaq KhanNon-Executive Director

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