John Swinney: Chair of the Board

John spent 20 years in local government before joining the private sector, delivering outsourced services to public organisations.  He has built businesses, including for example Pinnacle Services Group. He was responsible for group strategy at Eaga and for business development at Carillion Services. Currently he is CEO at the Just Housing Group, a social housing consultancy. He has several non-executive posts, including with Red Door Ventures, Newham Council’s wholly-owned company delivering private renting roles, and is also chairman of Watford Community Housing Trust.

Executive committee

Joanne Cholerton Chief Executive, 3SC

Brendan Connolly Finance Director, 3SC


John Swinney Chair

Joanne Cholerton Chief Executive, 3SC

Brendan Connolly Finance Director, 3SC

Simon Charlick Board Member

Mushtaq Khan Board Member