SES Customer Survey 2019 – Results


Each year 3SC carry out a survey of customers who are accessing Specialist Employability Support (SES). The purpose of the survey is:


To get direct feedback from customers about their experiences.
To identify where good practice is taking place so that it can be shared with other delivery organisations.
To see if there is anything we, or delivery organisations, can do to improve the customer’s experience.


The survey questions ask customers about the quality of their induction, the support they receive during the programme and whether that support has helped them to move closer to paid work.


The outcome of the 2019 survey was very positive, especially in relation to how well supported customers felt and how well the programme met their needs.


100% of respondents rated the quality of information they received about the programme at induction as Good or better with 71% rating the quality of information as Excellent.
100% of respondents were at least Satisfied with the overall experience of their first meeting with 86% stating they were Very Satisfied.
100% of respondents rated the service provided by their Adviser whilst on the programme as at least Very Good with 81% rating the service as Excellent.
95% of respondents agree that the support they have received has helped them move closer, or into, paid work.


SES Customer Survey Report 2019: 3SC SES customer survey report October 2019 v1.1


Denise Blackwell, Risk and Quality Manager, 3SC